Water Scarcity SolutionS

  Humanity is facing an ever-worsening water scarcity crisis with hundreds of millions of people lacking access to clean water and millions of lives cut short due to waterborne illnesses each year.   Less than .03% of all water on Earth is drinkable, and we’re poisoning our rivers and aquifers at an alarming rate.

Water, water everywhere, ‘nor a drop to drink.

Cascadia Technologies is dedicated to delivering real world solutions that simply work, from desalination systems to surface water & well water filtration, water replenishment strategies and efficiency in cooling & waste water treatment.  The challenges are dire and next-generation technologies are needed more than ever, which is why we’re so excited about the evolution of atmospheric water harvesting techniques. 

Water vapor in the atmosphere behaves as a greenhouse gas, and it’s controlled by atmospheric temperature – the higher the temperature, the more water the air can hold. Even a modest amount of warming sets up a feedback loop and amplification process: CO2 and CH4 emissions trap the sun’s thermal energy in the atmosphere, which leads to higher humidity via groundwater and seawater evaporation. Mother Nature attempts to regulate the water cycle by spawning more severe storms, which creates perennial droughts and crop failure in some areas and more frequent floods in others.

This ecocidal cycle of emitting GHGs, depleting aquifers and destroying our waterways & coastlines is clearly unsustainable, and Cascadia Technologies is dedicated to mitigating this impact and reverse these trends.  We are all swimming in the largest potable water aquifer on Earth (humidity), and atmospheric water vapor is part of the problem.

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After many years of dedicated research and development, innovators have mastered the art and science of efficiently harvesting this resource, and today systems are being deployed to produce potable water wherever needed, without transport cost and without the ecological impact of desalination.  It is central to our mission to bring to market these latest breakthroughs, in robust and low-cost products, made and deployed where they are needed most desperately.

liters of water per day per system. 1,000+ liter systems in development

less than 100 Watt-hours per liter of pure water, so can be solar powered

Less than $0.01 per liter of pure water, with zero transport cost

plastic bottles eliminated from landfill per year, per system

Freshwater scarcity is becoming a threat to sustainable development of human society. In its most recent annual risk report, the World Economic Forum lists water crises as the largest global risk in terms of potential impact.
According to NASA, the most severe Earth science and environmental policy issues threatening civilization are the changes in the Earth’s water cycle due to climate change.